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Arnar Pétursson is an experienced runner and running coach. He has won 47 national championships in disciplines from the 1500m and up to the marathon. In addition, he has competed four times at the World half marathon Championships.  

Arnar wrote Hlaupabokin which contains knowledge he has acquired by training with the best runners and coaches in the world. He uses this knowledge in all his training.  


As a running coach, Arnar has worked with all levels of runners, from those who want to get started and take the first steps to those who want to compete internationally.  


„Allt er hægt ef þú kannt að fara nógu hægt.


It is much easier to take the right path when we have a map of the route. Get a customized running program from Arnar Péturs or sign up for the remote training that includes frequent feedback. Better training equals better results.


Proper running economy will speed up your recovery and keep you from getting injured. Get a professional to analyze your running economy and then get exercises that turn weaknesses into strengths.  

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Public speaking

Arnar has given numerous lectures. On them he goes over everything that comes to mind  running and exercise. He also gives lectures on goal setting, the mental aspect and other aspects that make the path to success more fun.  Lectures can be customized as needed.  

The most popular lectures:

  • How do we take the first steps.

  • How do we train correctly.

  • Everything is possible if we can go slow enough.

  • How do we make goal setting fun.

Running challenge is a fun way for companies to strengthen their work ethic. Arnar then creates a specialized program where everybody has a common goal. For example, running or walking 100 km in one month. Lectures and running challenges can be combined to make running more fun.


"Arnar gave an interesting lecture on running economy and sensible exercises for us in Genki. Arnar's ambition and passion is contagious and as a result many of us ran our first half and half marathon.

— Ólafur Bogason, founder of Genki Instruments

"The go-to guy when it comes to running training.  Arnar has dived deeper and tried more than most when it comes to running. A great lecture that everyone benefits from hearing.

- Aron Már Björnsson, MK Achievement Division and Strength Coach of Breiðablik FC






No one succeeds alone.
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