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  • How do you get started as a runner, and how to continue to improve?

  • How do you improve  the running economy and how to peak at the right time?

  • How do you achieve success while avoiding injury?

  • What about nutrition, rest and recovery?

In this accessible and interesting book by the accomplished Arnar Pétursson, you will find answers to all these questions - and many more. This is the true Running Bible!

Whether you are a beginner, experienced runner or just want to improve your endurance, Hlaupabókin will open up a new world. Arnar shows you simple ways to ensure that the running give you pleasure, you improve your results, in addition to taking good care of your body so that running can be a part of your day throughout your life.

Arnar Pétursson is a seven-time Icelandic champion in the marathon. Here he summarizes the knowledge and methods of experienced runners and coaches - and you can adapt to your needs. An essential book for all runners, beginners as well as the advanced!

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