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You can sign up for a waiting list in the 12 weeks program but I recommend starting with a 6 week running program and then we can re-evaluate and see how best to build up the season after that. 

Add core and weight training, and  dynamic stretches  for runners to have a holistic approach to running.

Core and dynamic stretches for runners


Strength training for a strong core and muscle balance.

Weightlifting exercises for the legs.

Dynamic stretches for warm-up and recovery.



Opnar aftur síðar


12.990 kr.

Good first step

Custom exercises to your goals.

Detailed instructions for each exercise.

Prices are based on 0-6 weeks.

Each extra week costs ISK 1,500.

You can add the Strength for ISK 2,990. in the next step.

With Strength you get a setup so that running and strength go together.


34.000 kr.

Online coaching with personal guidance

Online Running diary.


Regular communication and personal guidance for every exercise.


Custom exercises that change with improved running ability.


Strength training for runners.


Weight lifting for runners.

Dynamic stretches for runners.


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Jón Ragnar Jónsson

Arnar is the reason I go out running. Although he gives me advice and exercise plans remotely, it is as if he holds my hand during all exercises and whispers beautiful words of encouragement in my ears. On top of that, his elaborate exercises are varied, fun and above all effective. Thank you, King of Runners.


Sigþóra Brynja Kristjánsdóttir

I am very happy with Arnar's training as I have been with him for two years now. Not only does he set up varied and fun exercises, he is one of the best motivators in the country and is good at letting people have unwavering faith in themselves, which is crucial, since the races are 90% in your head. It also helps you to set realistic goals and pulls you down to earth when you plan too much, because you surely will not conquer the world in one day.


Þórólfur Ingi Þórsson

I make great demands on success for myself. Arnar helps me on that journey, he is very encouraging, exercises are fun and varied with a clear purpose. The exercise program also takes into account my family patterns and that is very important to me.

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